Indian Cooperative Digital Platform

About us

IFFCO, one of the worlds largest cooperatives, aims to connect all the farmers and cooperative societies in the country on a single digital platform. In line with Prime Minister's digital initiative and cashless drive, IFFCO launched a new portal “Indian Cooperative Digital Platform” (URL: The objective of the portal is to provide a digital platform for communication and commerce between consumer and IFFCO and group companies/ societies as well as between society to society. The portal is available in 10 major Indian languages (Hindi / English / Bengali / Marathi / Gujarati / Punjabi / Telugu / Tamil / Kannada / Malayalam).

Salient Features:

  1. Registration Facility: for Societies / Individuals, using Mobile number / Aadhaar.
  2. Information About: cooperation, formation of Cooperative Society, their Rules & Regulations etc.
  3. For Cooperatives: Member societies of IFFCO Information for, such as Name, address, contact details, bank account details, business done with IFFCO and placing request for products.
  4. Business Opportunities: Information on business opportunities for Societies / Individuals with IFFCO and Group companies alongwith single point contact details for addressing business related queries.
  5. Discussion Forum: Provides a platform to ask questions, share ideas / best practices with comments and voting facility.
  6. Learn: one can learn by self through watching videos on interested topics such as best practices in farming / rearing live-stock, soil testing, means of cashless payments, etc.
  7. Online Mandi: Information on probable Buyers / Sellers for Agri-produce, livestock, farm-equipments, etc. (online market place) as well as facility to list the requirements by buyers/sellers
  8. e-Commerce: Online buying facility for entire gamut of Products and Services of IFFCO and group companies for Societies (group buying) / Individuals (Individual buying)
  9. Events: information on future events such as farmers meet / field programs/ Medical / veterinary check-ups etc. conducted by IFFCO and Group companies. And photos/videos of events conducted. Photos and Helpline number, Helpdesk e-mail ID for addressing Queries / Comments by visitors